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Flex-Soft Knee Pad, Size 6mm

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The UF PRO¨ Flex - Soft pads are made for activities where you need superb cushioning for your knees.

As with all our knee pads, no extra strapping in place is needed. You simply insert the pads into your P-40 or Striker pants and you are ready to go.

Because they are lightweight, super soft and flexible youÕll soon forget you are even wearing them, but every single time you go down on your knees, you can be sure they will be in the right place and offer you super soft cushioning.

The pads are compatible with all UF PRO¨ P-40 and Striker pants. They can be also used as elbow pads in the Silent Warrior Sniper Jacket.

The pads come in pair.


  • Excellent cushioning propertie
  • The ability to form according to the wearer¬´s knee and elbow geometry
  • Lightweight


  • Insert: PU foam
  • Mesh: 100% Polyester


  • 84g/ knee pad